Debt Loan

Debt capital loan

Debt capital loan

Do you want to settle your debts? Debt – the right way to handle credit and credit cards. A loan with debt is basically not opposed to further borrowing. What loans or investment opportunities are offered and what to look for.

PretaFlex | debt loans

PretaFlex | debt loans

Do you live in Switzerland and have debts in the form of debt collection, wage seizure or loss certificate? We can not give you a loan because the loan is to people with debt collection in Switzerland. But we can offer you a debt specialist who will help you out of the spiral and change your financial situation!

The debts make you sick. 47% of customers who used debt counseling had health insurance receivables. It is our endeavor to free people or their relatives from the debt trap. Debt counseling is voluntary and supports you with advice, action, analysis, motivation and savings opportunities. Our consultant will design your personal savings concept so that you are liquid again.

Do not wait any longer and ask for a specialist, so you finally lead a debt-free existence!

Do not wait any longer and ask for a specialist, so you finally lead a debt-free existence!

FROM THE SIGHT OF THE MARKET: The sweet temptation of the credit-financed debt spiral – when is bankruptcy coming?

A hundred or one hundred and fifty years ago, the founder boomed with BBC (Brown, Boveri & Cie), Siemens, Bata, who was feeding on money saved in advance. For their part, the countries trying to deal with the income, had little debt. Today, however, the so-called industrial world is completely over-indebted – private households, companies, countries. But that’s just what we learned at the university 40 years ago: every economic activity begins with credit, with households, with businesses.

The borrowing should cover the national debt, because it is even more important for the economy. With the loans, households, companies and countries constantly create new added value and subsequently amortize the loans. From the real economy grows the ever-larger loan clothing, so the instruction. But the bankruptcy is near, the debts are too high, nothing will grow anymore.

They were built from private wealth and heirs or directly as a public limited company. For further development, these companies issued bonds, and these funds were not loans, but came from savers. The companies also kept their profits, did not pay all their payouts. When it came to the involvement of credit institutions, as investment banks, as they say today.

Bonds and stock issues have been brokered for the companies, for the countries, and all of these funds have just been saved by the securities traders. It was only recently that credit institutions were lending customer deposits in ever higher proportions than credit. The borrowers paid their purchases to the bank of their suppliers, who in turn were happy about deposits from these entries – and granted further bonds.

As a result of these booking cycles, cash on hand was created on the basis of money, ie of book money. As in our university courses, the loan was now considered the necessary stimulant. Companies and whole economies therefore start with loans that pay off from time to time. Credit-financed businesses, households and countries are thrown off track by every economic stutter. Second

If real goods do not grow enough to credit again, bankruptcy is just approaching. Otherwise, the wave of loans will have to be reversed more and more, also by the central banks as last guarantors. In self-financed companies such as BBC, Siemens, however, the capital was reduced in crisis situations and damages. As a rule, the risks were not transferred to other banks, companies or third parties.

Hyman P. Minsky has clearly diagnosed the sweet temptations of credit-financed households, companies, countries: they have an income stream, ie salaries, profits, taxes. When taking out loans in a first stage, one thinks of the interest and repayment. But if they can get loans as easily as they did since World War II, then in the second stage, so many loans are taken that the current income flow is sufficient only for the return.

The loans are constantly being extended and extended. If it’s that easy, you can even take loans just to make the interest payments. The third stage, the pyramid scheme. Now the shock: Many citizens, especially in Anglo-Saxonia, pay interest with new bonds.

But also the southern European countries, France and Japan pay their debt interest with new debts. The deficit exceeds nominal economic growth. Even in the US, the debt traps already run next year without the trump deficits. Debt in the Western European countries at the time of the financial market crisis was further increased by 60% – by households, companies, federal states.

For example, the future president has agreed to pay lower taxes, ie a lower income stream for the state, and many new debts and infrastructure. However, the high level of existing debt of around USD 20,000 billion within a few days saw interest rates rise by around 0.7 percentage points on free trade.

So she has already eaten her pure statement – because the dynamics of debt, interest rates and deficits has become a matter of course. Credit institutions that transfer customer funds directly to investments, loans and funds do not include them in their balance sheets. Households, businesses, countries that save first, then spend. No credit, no financing of the economy.